Algorithm Engineer

Content of responsibility:

    1.Mainly responsible for navigation algorithm development.

    2.Collect technical information in professional field, provide information support for technical development director to participate in decision-making and put forward suggestions for product improvement and new product development.

    3.Participate in the product-develop team, implement design work according to the product development plan and provide relevant product technical opinions for product feasibility analysis. Design products to meet requirements and determine product technical performance standards. Participate in technical review and appraisal.

    4.Assist in intellectual property work, be responsible for the compilation of technical documents and the provision of technical documents in patent applications.

Requirement of Education:Master degree or above, major in navigation guidance and control.

Requirement of Experience:More than 1 year of relevant work experience and more than 3 years of project experience.

Requirement of Abilities:Be familiar with navigation equipment, experience in navigation planning algorithm simulation is preferred.

Sales Manager  8000-15000

Content of responsibility:

    1.Responsible for the market development, daily order receiving and management of underwater cleaning business for C-end customers;

    2.Responsible for market development and maintenance management for channel customers;

    3. Responsible for the management and training of channel sales personnel;

    4.Responsible for the research and development of new markets;

    5.Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

Requirement of EducationBachelor degree or above, maritime related college is preferred;

Requirement of ExperienceMore than 3 years working experience in sales;

Requirement of Abilities

    1.Experience in business development related to shipping and port;

    2.Strong interpersonal communication ability, planning and execution ability;

    3.Strong subjective initiative, strong sense of responsibility and professionalism;

    4.Strong judgment and decision-making ability.

Port Business Development Manager    10000—15000

Content of responsibility:

    1.Responsible for information mining, customer relationship maintenance and project promotion of smart port and unmanned container truck project in port industry;

    2.According to the monthly work plan, complete the Department's sales node indicators (e.g. decision chain carding, scheme communication, customer evaluation feedback, etc.);

    3. Develop the industry market and deeply tap the potential customers of the industry;

    4.Accumulate and consolidate the long-term resource relationship between the company and its partners;

    5.Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

Requirement of EducationCollege degree or above

Requirement of ExperienceMore than 3 years working experience

Requirement of Abilities

    1.Upstream and downstream industry practitioners in ship, port and smart port construction and transformation are preferred;

    2.Extroversion, quick response, strong expression ability and affinity;

    3.Have certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service consciousness;

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