Ship intelligence is an inevitable trend in the field of ship manufacturing and shipping. It can effectively reduce ship operation costs, simplify ship operation and maintenance, and promote enterprise energy conservation and emission reduction. Based on the Internet of things, Internet, big data and artificial intelligence, feimabin intelligent ship solution realizes intellectualization in ship navigation, safe operation, maintenance and energy efficiency management by relying on technical mean

Intelligent Tug

The scheme includes four parts: intelligent navigation, intelligent engine room, intelligent energy efficiency management and intelligent integrated platform, which realizes intelligent operation in navigation, management, maintenance and energy consumption management of ships. Using multi-source data fusion and visual recognition technology, combined with energy efficiency management technology, it realizes route optimization, operation management and short-range collision avoidance safety warning. Using vibration time-frequency analysis, data statistical analysis and digital twin technology, it realizes engine room equipment simulation, health diagnosis and auxiliary maintenance decision-making. Local area communication network is used to realize multi-objective work order distribution, fuel consumption supervision in different work areas and ship shore integrated formation supervision. Video playback and safe driving warning are introduced to evaluate the efficiency of the whole operation process and automatically close the loop. The operation data is uploaded to the shore terminal through LTE, and the operation control strategy of tugboat is optimized through diagnosis, analysis and prediction, intervention and simulation deduction of digital twin simulation technology, which is synchronized to the ship terminal to coordinate the navigation and operation safety.