IUVT intelligent underwater cleaning platform is the first commercial underwater intelligent detection and cleaning system in China which is leading the world. It adopts advanced multi-intelligent body control, underwater positioning, muddy water vision, negative pressure adsorption and global sensing technology to achieve underwater safety detection and comprehensive cleaning of different objects’surface attachment in different scenarios.

The followings are the demonstration of different solutions for cleaning and detection work in different scenarios.

Ship cleaning and detection

It can provide all-weather, all- ship types, all-area (anchorage, wharf), all-path cleaning service during the period of ship loading, unloading and anchorage at the port. The cleaning service is with full visualization, no damage to ship paint and 40 times the efficiency of manual cleaning.

It adopts remote control technology, during the special period of epidemic prevention and controlling, the detection and cleaning operations do not need to contact with the port personnel and ship personnel, do not need to board the ship or land, so the epidemic is safe and controllable. Hence it will not affect the normal operation of the port.

Marine ranching cleaning and detection

We provide customized services for different net cages’ needs, monitor the temperature and oxygen content of culture net cages, and clean by water flow to solve the problem of mesh clogging, hence, we can achieve high-efficiency , high-cleanliness, low-loss and low-cost cleaning and maintenance.

Offshore equipment cleaning and detection

We provide customized services to meet the needs of different depths of cleaning, reduce maintenance costs, achieve complex structure environment travelling and replace the original diving cleaning operations.

Dam and bridge pier cleaning and detection

With no assistance of large equipment assistance and no high-risk manual work it works by remote controlling, which achieves high-efficiency, safe, low-cost cleaning and maintenance.