Feimabin was selected as the newest batch of industrial enterprises in Qingdao, "One Enterprise

发布日期:2021-11-09 13:53:36


A few days ago, the 2021 Qingdao Industrial Enterprise “One Enterprise One Technology” R&D Center application and certification work organized and carried out by the Private Economic Bureau has been completed. Other 43 outstanding enterprises were recognized.

The list is announced as follows

No. 37: Pegasus

Qingdao Industrial Enterprise "One Enterprise One Technology" in 2021

List of R&D Center Companies


What kind of hard power is required to be selected as the Qingdao Industrial Enterprise "One Enterprise One Technology" R&D Center?

Declaration conditions

➤Enterprises have significant development advantages and competitive advantages in the industry, attach importance to cutting-edge technology development, and have the ability to carry out high-level technological innovation activities.

➤In the technical field of the industry, the key core technology or software copyright with independent intellectual property rights has obtained more than 10 authorized patents in the past two years (the first two years of the reporting year), including more than 2 invention patents. Software and information technology service companies have obtained more than 15 software copyrights in the past two years.

➤The enterprise has a good technological innovation mechanism, a sound organizational system, and remarkable innovation efficiency and benefits.

➤It has a relatively high investment in research and development, the institution’s technical research and development expenditures for the previous year are no less than 1.5 million yuan, and there are no less than 15 full-time R&D personnel, with technical leaders with high technical levels and rich practical experience.

➤It has relatively complete research, development, and test conditions, a fixed research and development site, and the original value of technology development equipment is not less than 3 million yuan.