In the fields of underwater robots, intelligent ships, unmanned driving, digital twins, etc., IUVT has strong offshore equipment software and hardware R&D, production, and technological service capabilities.

The flexible adaptive underwater detection and cleaning robot that developed and produced by IUVT is the first commercial underwater intelligent cleaning system in China, it can significantly reduce the operating cost of ships, realize the overall requirement of energy saving and emission reduction, and promote the sustainable development of the industry.

It is commercially verified that the IUVT underwater intelligent cleaning platform can provide all-weather, all-ship types , all-area (anchorage, harbor pond), all-path (shore, aquatic ) cleaning service during the period of ship loading, unloading and anchorage at the port. The cleaning service is with full visualization , no damage to ship paint and 40 times the efficiency of manual cleaning.

Relying on the world-leading complete solutions of underwater intelligent detection and cleaning, IUVT hopes to work with quality partners and provide safe, energy-saving, environmental-friendly, high-efficiency and high-quality high-tech intelligent new underwater cleaning services for various types of marine industry customers.

The platform has the following advantages:

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Coverage area of cleaning and detection service

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Partner conditions

IUVT establishes underwater cleaning and detection service centers along the coast in China, and intends to seek strategic resources through sharing resources and complementary advantages.
Partners, cooperation method and joining conditions are as follows:

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