【Service Case】The IST Provided Cleaning and Testing Services For Chang Zeng 1 Submarine SSN

发布日期:2022-06-16 16:48:49

“Even if it takes 10,000 years to build a nuclear submarine,We will make it!”Chairman MAO firmly shouted these words in 1958.It is very important for China to develop a nuclear submarine. In December 26, 1970. Chang Zeng 1 Submarine SSN was developed. Now, It is taken out of service. And it is exhibited in Qingdao Naval Museum. In order for more people to see the Chang Zeng 1 Submarine SSN. The museum decided to carry out underwater cleaning for the nuclear submarine, and finally chose IST`s cleaning service.


Chang Zeng 1 Submarine SSN has complicated structure. It is difficult to clean after perennial berth. Due to the thick attachment of the perennial parking exhibition, the cleaning work is very large, which is a big challenge to the operation ability of the IST underwater intelligent robot. In addition, because of the particularity of the identity of nuclear submarines. Even in the world, it is infrequent for robots to have the cleaning experience of nuclear submarines. If we do not have a solid technical foundation, we do not dare to take over the cleaning operation.


In order to successfully complete the cleaning of nuclear submarine, the following difficulties need to be overcome:


First difficult point——Big curvature

Nuclear submarine is different from ship, curvature is large, difficult to stick to the wall, not easy to clean. IST underwater intelligent cleaning robot has advanced curved surface fitting technology, close to the ship wall, cleaning thoroughly, leaving no dead Angle.


Second difficult point——Size large

The nuclear submarine has a huge volume and a large amount of work. The "Jing Hua 01" mother ship independently developed by IST provides the robot with durable endurance, which can operate day and night without any break, with longer operation time and higher cleaning efficiency. Faced with a huge nuclear submarine, IST completed cleaning and testing in just 15 hours.


Third difficult point——More difficulties

Different from sailing ships, the thickness of attachments of nuclear submarines moored all year round is about 5-8cm, and the structure of nuclear submarines is complex and difficult to clean. IST underwater robot adopts two cleaning modes of cavitation jet and hydraulic brush, "two-pronged", the cleaning effect is more significant.


After the unremitting efforts of IST`s staff, the underwater intelligent cleaning robot of IST completed all cleaning operations in only 15 hours, and successfully completed the underwater cleaning work of the Long March-1 nuclear submarine.