【Service Case】The Most Beautiful Cleaner——IST's Underwater Intelligent Cleaning Robot

发布日期:2022-06-10 15:53:39

SEACON NINGBO arrived at the anchorage of Yantai Port. And It planned to clean the ship here. At that time, it just rained in Yantai area and the northern region began to enter the transition period of autumn and winter. So the weather in the sea was very unstable. Factors such as cold, strong wind and big waves would affect the cleaning work and increase the risk of operation. This makes many traditional cleaning enterprises shy away.


 When IST learned about the requirements of SEACON NINGBO, the operator arrived at Yantai Port with an underwater intelligent robot to carry out cleaning work. The cold environment of strong wind and waves on the sea not only requires high stability of the robot, but also tests the physical fitness of the operator. Due to different sea conditions, it is difficult to operate in different places. The IST underwater intelligent robot with its advanced technology and stable performance to get familiar with the new underwater environment as soon as possible while inspecting the ship. The IST operators overcome the living difficulties such as region, climate and diet.And cooperate closely with the staff of SEACON NINGBO at the same time. The cooperates of IST skilled operation of the robot for water cleaning in the wind and waves still high standards, strict requirements to complete every cleaning work, efficient and high quality to successfully complete the ship cleaning operation.


 All the staff of EACON NINGBO are deeply impressed by the strict operation process of IST underwater intelligent cleaning robot and the excellent character of the operators who can bear hardships, fight, dedicate and surpass. The ship owner highly praised IST and sent a letter of thanks, which states: IST underwater intelligent cleaning robot team successfully completed the cleaning and testing of EACON NINGBO with high efficiency and high quality, which reduced fuel consumption and cost. The ship owner expressed heartfelt gratitude to IST, and this cooperation also set a good example for EACON NINGBO.