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发布日期:2022-06-09 13:21:30

The domestic ship cleaning and inspection service market is mainly dominated by traditional manual cleaning and inspection, which accounts for nearly 100% of the market. The traditional manual cleaning industry is dominated by small and medium-sized companies, and no scale effect has been formed.

China's underwater intelligent robot cleaning service is still in the initial stage of development, but IST has overcome many difficulties in the industry, such as shallow sub-meter positioning, surface fitting, nonlinear control and other technologies, derived multi-scene application products, mastered the core technical barriers, and has a whole-ship, multi-region, multi-port cleaning operation mode. And by virtue of its high efficiency, thorough cleaning, no contact, no fear of epidemic and other prominent advantages, has gradually been recognized by the shipowner customer group.



Grasp core science and technology

In order to grasp the key points of future industry profits


IST (Qingdao) intelligent technology co., LTD. Is a special robot research and development, design, production, sales, service as the main line of Marine science and technology enterprises and scene. We devote to Marine asset maintenance field, make all parts of the radiation of the world, science and technology service platform. We are the first domestic service enterprises with dozens of invention patent. Until now, We Have hundreds of global commercial ship underwater detection and cleaning services. We have a complete product inspection system, the end-to-end service delivery system and certification, including the CCS product certification, Lloyd's and other international certification services of the classification society and successively Jin Lun award, new era economic innovation enterprises in China (CCTV), etc, It is the joint development unit of underwater robot cleaning service industry group standard.


Direct realization of ship resources

Open a new era of intelligent underwater cleaning


The total annual market of underwater cleaning and testing of ships in China's coastal ports has exceeded 10 billion yuan. IST uses the underwater intelligent cleaning robot platform to break through the information barrier of the underwater cleaning service market, gather and link with professionals inside and outside the industry, create a new track with sustained profits in the vertical field, and open a new era of underwater intelligent cleaning!

IST provides one-stop service of "equipment + system + technical service + service standard". Now we are recruiting "capable people" in the industry. No matter you have ship resources or contacts, you can recommend directly and get RMB 10,000 + income!

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