The finalists of the 2021 First Global Port and Shipping Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

发布日期:2021-10-10 09:31:56


According to the shipping industry network, the top 30 finalists of the 2021 First Global Port and Shipping Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition have been released. After three days of intense and orderly preliminary roadshow selection, 106 projects were selected, and a total of 30 projects were shortlisted for the semifinals.


The event is guided by Ningbo Municipal People’s Government, China Shipowners’ Association and China Shipbuilding Industry Association. It is hosted by the Port Office of Ningbo Municipal People’s Government and the People’s Government of Ningbo Yinzhou District. China Airlines, China Merchants Port Technology Innovation and Development Research Institute, German Logistics Alliance, AVIC Leasing, Equator Fund, Zhuopu Investment, Huagai Capital, China Aerospace Investment Fund and other internationally renowned shipping institutions and investment platforms have strongly supported.


The preliminary contest was held in Shanghai from September 26 to September 28 in the form of online roadshow + offline review, and was divided into a container logistics session, a port and smart service session, and a marine equipment session. Roadshow projects include port unmanned trucks, unmanned port tugboats, smart truck platforms, port and shipping e-commerce platforms, unmanned ships, China-Europe railway line consolidation, freight forwarding SaaS system, empty container dispatching, underwater automatic Adapt to intelligent robots, intelligent wall-climbing robots, new energy logistics inspection robots, a new generation of maritime communication technology and equipment, ship carbon emission intelligent monitoring networks, green new energy ship wind propulsion equipment, holographic simulation crew training, and petrochemical big data algorithm services , Shipping insurance solutions and other application scenarios and formats, basically covering the latest formats and innovation frontiers in various vertical fields such as port and shipping, logistics, supply chain, and ocean engineering.


These innovative projects not only echo the hotspots and trends of industries such as digital and intelligent shipping and carbon peaking and carbon neutralization advocated by the country, but also transform into high-end smart equipment, high-end products and high-quality services through innovation and entrepreneurship, which will also promote Hong Kong. The aviation logistics industry is developing in the direction of digital intelligence and low-carbon environmental protection.


According to the organizing committee of the competition, the semi-final stage will be held in October. In the early stage, industry experts and capital investment banks will be arranged to provide professional guidance on the top 30 semi-final projects, promote the continuous polishing of the projects, and make the implementation and application of the projects more industry and commercial values. The semifinals will also be conducted in the form of a combination of online and offline. The final will be held in Ningbo.


Among the top 30 who entered the semi-finals, 13 were from Shanghai, 6 from Ningbo, 3 from Dalian, 2 from Shenzhen, 2 from Singapore, and 1 each from Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao and Xi'an.

Finalists for the 2021 First Global Port and Shipping Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition semi-finals: