Feimabin was invited to CCTV's "Dialogue Brand" column exclusive interview-innovative

发布日期:2021-10-10 09:27:29

Recently, Liu Yujing, chairman of Pegasus (Qingdao) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., was invited to the "Dialogue Brand" studio to discuss with the host Li Yufei on how to promote the development of innovative technology and help the dream of a powerful ocean nation.



Left: Chairman of Feimabin Liu Yujing            Right: Host Li Yufei


Liu Yujing, chairman of Feimabin, introduced to the host how Feimabin has been committed to using new unmanned system technology to change the domestic marine science and technology field in recent years, and contribute to the building of a maritime power and science and technology to rejuvenate the sea.

The company seized new opportunities for port transformation and upgrading, focused on innovative technology services for the high-end marine industry with artificial intelligence, refreshed the domestic underwater cleaning and testing to a new level, achieved a breakthrough in my country's intelligent underwater cleaning zero, and stood out as a leader in the traditional marine service industry Zhiyan succeeded in tackling an intelligent underwater unmanned cleaning service platform with completely independent intellectual property rights.

Through the continuous layout of multiple racetracks, the "Technology Empowerment" is used to promote the "green ocean, green port" to a new journey. The "Hairuo No. 1" and "Jinghua No. 1" intelligent cleaning operation platforms developed by Pegasus Bin, with a cleaning efficiency of 2800㎡/h, relieved the pain of the majority of shipowners and shipping companies, and became China's intelligent underwater The pioneer in the field of commercial cleaning services.


Chairman of Pegasus BinLiuYujing

Adhering to the concept of "inclusive of all rivers, wisdom for the future", in June this year, Feimabin formally developed a joint development with Qingdao Port to jointly impact the tugboat standard of China's 2020 smart specification. China's first port-operated tugboat that conforms to this specification, that is, a tugboat for non-standard special civilian ships, will also be born next year.



Group photo with host Li Yufei


The rise of a big country requires painstaking solitary perseverance and the cooperation of teamwork. "Under the rush of the tide, only those with firm convictions can keep their course." With responsibility as the mission, Pegasin breaks through the difficulties again and again, continues to help the country's development, and makes China's scientific and technological power attract the world's attention.