Intelligent Cleaning

Underwater intelligent cleaning and detection

  • Our first domestic commercial underwater intelligent cleaning and detection system provides professional detection and cleaning services for five types of scenarios of ship, marine ranching, offshore equipment, trestle-type wharf, dam and bridge pier. Relying on the world-leading complete solutions of underwater intelligent detection and cleaning, we can provide various types of marine industry customers with safe, energy-saving, environmental-friendly, efficient and high-quality high-tech intelligent new underwater services.

Intelligent Ship

Intelligent Tugboat

  • "Timely arrival" involves all links of the shipping industry chain. One of the important preparation links of the port is pilotage and tugboat. On the basis of CCS 2020 intelligent ship specification, relying on machine vision analysis technology, intelligent working condition identification technology, three-dimensional collision avoidance technology, vibration detection technology, comprehensive fault diagnosis technology, digital simulation and other technologies, feimabin has built a shore based support center and ship intelligent system to form a ship integrated operation platform for ship navigation, management Intelligent maintenance is realized to make the ship safer, more environmentally friendly, more economical and more efficient.

Smart Port

Automated unmanned storage

  • The automation transformation of traditional general cargo terminal aims at improving the degree of automation and intelligent warehouse management level; Use technical means such as transformation of intelligent transportation equipment, upgrading and iteration of warehouse management system, innovation and transformation of new accessories to solve practical problems such as difficult recruitment, low automation level, low storage efficiency and difficult tallying.